The final question: Why??

March 24, 2009 at 1:29 pm (Uncategorized)

After doing some research about the genre of reality TV I know that everyone somehow is watching it and not just recently but as it seems as long as television broadcasting exists. The variety of shows is incredible; the target group is not only people with no jobs, too much time and boring neighbors. The shows are made for any possible audience – any age, social position, gender or profession.
But there is still one question left: WHY? What is so fascinating about watching ordinary people or celebrities living their lives? Why does it entertain people from over 70 countries in which Big Brother is or was broadcasted to observe people living together in a house? Like any other person we know is living?
After thinking about it I doubt that I can find a satisfying answer. I can only try to describe my own motivation to watch shows like I love New York, Germany´s next Top Model or Flavor of Love.

Like any other “proper” movie or show reality gives me the opportunity to escape my life and enjoy some entertainment. So far so good….But I discovered that I enjoy watching reality shows rather in companion than a normal movie. When watching Top Model I make appointments with my friends and we watch it together or at least gossip about it afterwards or often even beforehand – Who is going to be eliminated? Will the fight between model 1 and model 2 erupt for good? How is it possible that she is still in the show with her big nose and arrogant attitude? And so on…
So maybe this is where the magic happens: I am involved and I can judge! I can judge people who I don´t know and no one is blaming me for being mean or arrogant. It is easier to compare ordinary people´s life and appearance to my own life than I could ever do it with Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts. And that is what we are trained to do nowadays – comparing ourselves to others and either be better or find excuses for failing. So before judging me – watch some Reality TV and judge the others!



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